Moving Services

Only the best moving companies in Chicago offer the best moving services. Mover Chicago has long earned the distinction of being recognized as one of these prestigious movers for good reason: whether its customers require packing, loading, shipping, or storage services for their residential or commercial moves, the company consistently and efficiently provides them without compromising quality or affordability.

With its comprehensive local, long distance, and international moving services, as well as its penchant for customer satisfaction, Mover Chicago is commonly associated with an enjoyable, carefree moving day.

Exemplary Full/Partial Moving Services

There are two types of moving services: full or partial. Whether you choose to avail of the former or the latter, you can depend on us, the personnel of Mover Chicago, to provide first-rate assistance.

Should you need help with every single facet of your move – from packing your belongings to unpacking them in your new place – our extensive services have you covered.

We can pack everything you own in a swift, organized manner, and securely ship them to your destination via ground, sea, or air transport. If you aren’t prepared to move in your belongings, you can have us store them temporarily in one of our affiliate warehouses. Once you’re ready to move in your belongings, you can ask us to deliver them from the warehouse to your new location, and have us unload and unpack them.

Even if you only want help in one particular field (ex. shipping), we will still be happy to accommodate you. We can simply transport your goods once you’ve finished packing, and let you take care of the unloading and unpacking process. Simply inform us which services you require, and we’ll serve you as best we can.

Your Moving Rights

Our moving and relocation services include providing you with information on the moving process and your moving rights. We will provide you with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) booklet, “Your Rights And Responsibilities When You Move”, and other informative moving pamphlets.

These pamphlets detail everything you need to know about moving, including liability coverage, property damage, and insurance claims.

Your Chicago Mover of Choice

As a standout Chicago moving company, Mover Chicago also renders various relocation services and offers useful tips to ease your transition into any area of the Windy City. You can continue to benefit from our assistance long after we’ve successfully delivered and/or unpacked your belongings. Contact us to learn more about our Chicago moving services.

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