Moving Services

Only the best moving companies in Chicago offer the best moving services. Mover Chicago has long earned the distinction of being recognized as one of these prestigious movers for good reason: whether its customers require packing, loading, shipping, or storage services for their residential or commercial moves, the company consistently and efficiently provides them without compromising quality or affordability.

With its comprehensive local, long distance, and international moving services, as well as its penchant for customer satisfaction, Mover Chicago is commonly associated with an enjoyable, carefree moving day.

Exemplary Full/Partial Moving Services

There are two types of moving services: full or partial. Whether you choose to avail of the former or the latter, you can depend on us, the personnel of Mover Chicago, to provide first-rate assistance.

Should you need help with every single facet of your move – from packing your belongings to unpacking them in your new place – our extensive services have you covered.

We can pack everything you own in a swift, organized manner, and securely ship them to your destination via ground, sea, or air transport. If you aren’t prepared to move in your belongings, you can have us store them temporarily in one of our affiliate warehouses. Once you’re ready to move in your belongings, you can ask us to deliver them from the warehouse to your new location, and have us unload and unpack them.

Even if you only want help in one particular field (ex. shipping), we will still be happy to accommodate you. We can simply transport your goods once you’ve finished packing, and let you take care of the unloading and unpacking process. Simply inform us which services you require, and we’ll serve you as best we can.

Your Moving Rights

Our moving and relocation services include providing you with information on the moving process and your moving rights. We will provide you with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) booklet, “Your Rights And Responsibilities When You Move”, and other informative moving pamphlets.

These pamphlets detail everything you need to know about moving, including liability coverage, property damage, and insurance claims.

Your Chicago Mover of Choice

As a standout Chicago moving company, Mover Chicago also renders various relocation services and offers useful tips to ease your transition into any area of the Windy City. You can continue to benefit from our assistance long after we’ve successfully delivered and/or unpacked your belongings. Contact us to learn more about our Chicago moving services.

Long Distance Moving

Moving more than 100 miles away from your current location constitutes a long distance move. These kinds of moves carry people past state lines and are naturally much harder and more complex than local moves. But you shouldn’t let this worry you. Not when you can count on Mover Chicago to handle your move.

It doesn’t matter whether your move is residential or commercial, or whether it will take you to the east or to the west, our long distance moving services guarantee that it will be an undeniable success.

Elite Long Distance Moving Company

Mover Chicago has earned its place among the elite long distance moving companies due to its commitment to security and customer satisfaction.

We, the company’s valued staff, only use state-of-the-art moving equipment, such as moving trucks and vans that are built to provide maximum protection for your valuables. Our highly trained team of licensed professionals are dedicated to rendering impeccable services that ensure the safe and prompt transport of your goods. We will help you pack, load, haul, or even rent your moving vehicle of choice, just so we can fill your every need.

Your Chicago Mover’s Storage Solutions

If your long distance move requires you to avail of storage-in-transit services, we can provide those as well. Choose our company as your Chicago mover and we will safely store your possessions in one of our affiliate warehouses, and keep them there until you are prepared to move them into your new place.

Bear in mind, however, that storage terms and conditions differ from state to state, so make sure that you know the duration of the storage-in-transit period in the state where you choose to store your belongings. Once your storage-in-transit period expires, your belongings can stay in storage, but you will then have to adhere to the warehouse’s terms and conditions instead of our own. Contact us to learn more about our storage solutions.

Cost of Moving Long Distance

Hourly rates don’t apply when you’re moving across states. The price of your long distance move will depend on your shipment’s bulk and weight, and the distance you plan to cover. If you are moving out of state, we can give you an accurate estimate upon conducting an on-site inspection of your belongings.

Authorized Long Distance Moving Services

We are authorized by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to complete interstate moves. In accordance with FMCSA’s rules and regulations, we will provide you with its informative pamphlet, “Your Rights And Responsibilities When You Move”. This pamphlet should cover everything you need to know about moving long distance.

Please contact us for further information about long distance moving and our comprehensive moving services.

International Moving

Though exciting, an international move can be very intimidating and incredibly difficult to complete. With the right international moving company, however, your move can be more of an enjoyable adventure than a frustrating challenge.

Mover Chicago can make that happen. We, the company’s personnel, are accustomed to shipping our customers’ belongings across the globe, and ensuring that these goods arrive safely and swiftly to their destinations. Our assistance will allow you to enjoy your trip without worrying about moving responsibilities.

Considerable International Moving Experience

International moves are substantially more complicated than local or long distance moves due to the many bureaucratic tasks and requirements involved. Since the international mover you hire will handle most of the work, you are better off with one that has a considerable amount of international moving experience.

Such is one requirement that Mover Chicago easily fulfills. Our copious experience in international relocation can assure you that we will handle every aspect of your move with utmost competency. We will see to it that no detail will go unnoticed and no problem with be left unresolved.

Safe and Secure International Shipping

The safety of your belongings is paramount. International moving companies must understand this, as we at Mover Chicago do. We know that additional safety measures are necessary in order to ensure that your belongings are able to withstand the rigors of international shipping. You can trust us to provide your belongings with sufficient protection and to keep them secure all throughout your move.

Comprehensive International Moving Services

You’re almost certain to run into trouble if you hire an international mover that offers limited services, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the international moving process. With the number of bureaucratic arrangements you have to make, there are several instances when you’re sure to require your mover’s help. And when those times come, you need to know that your mover can be of assistance.

When it comes to rendering quality assistance, you have no reason to doubt Mover Chicago. Our comprehensive international moving services cover every step of the international moving process, from start to finish. We can help you inquire about and acquire the official documents you’ll need to push through with your move, and even assist you in drafting an international moving checklist that lists down everything you need to remember.

Licensed for International Moves

There is simply too much at stake in international moves to risk hiring unlicensed companies, so make it a point to contact the licensing authority to inquire about the record of your choice mover. Please take the time to verify the record of Mover Chicago. You are sure to be impressed. In fact, it should be enough to convince you that if you want to avail of exceptional international moving services in Chicago, all you need to do is contact us.

Local Moving

Are you moving within Chicago or a place just outside the city limits? A “yes” from you means that you have to choose among Chi-Town’s many local movers. But before you finally decide to hire a Chicago moving company, you first have to make sure that it meets certain criteria. The only local moving companies worth trusting are those who can satisfy a few important requirements.

Local Mover Requirements

Don’t bother entertaining offers from Chicago movers who don’t know every nook and cranny of the Windy City. Local moving companies must be thoroughly familiar with the territory they cover, in order for them to carry out local moves as efficiently as possible. Efficiency is of absolute importance in local moves since they are charged by the hour, so any delays that result from your mover getting lost will only cost you more.

Reliable Chicago moving companies should also be able to provide you with the specific moving services you need. It won’t matter how fast they are if they can’t cater to your demands or render sufficient assistance. Determine what moving services in particular you require, and see to it that the mover you hire can provide them.

Aside from extensive local moving services, your Chicago mover of choice has to have the requisite moving equipment and supplies to ensure safe and proper moves. Among these essentials are local moving trucks that are large and secure enough to transport your belongings to your new location.

Last, but certainly not least, only truly dependable Chicago moving companies have valid licenses that permit them to conduct intrastate and/or interstate moves. If local and long distance movers have this authorization, you can be sure that the quality of their services live up to the highest standards.

Local Moving Services in Chicago

If you’re searching for local moving services in Chicago, feel free to contact us. We at Mover Chicago take great pride in fulfilling all of the above requirements. We can offer you everything you can possibly need and more. Rest assured, our services, equipment, and unparalleled expertise can ensure that your move will be both smooth and successful.

Mover Chicago

The largest city in the Midwest, Chicago is both a bustling residential and commercial center. If you’re moving to or from this great metropolis, you’ll want to hire a mover who is well acquainted with the Windy City’s many neighborhoods and with its scintillating diversity. Mover Chicago is precisely what you’re looking for!

Specializing in both residential and commercial moves, Mover Chicago is licensed and insured to conduct local and interstate moves. Equipped with a fleet of modern, climate controlled vans, Mover Chicago will transport your belongings to any location across the USA, and do its utmost to ensure they arrive in mint condition.

Since customer satisfaction is top priority for Mover Chicago, you can rest assured both you and your belongings will be well protected throughout the move. From providing you with all the required official paperwork, to offering you the very best liability coverage terms, we want you to feel you are in safe hands.

Moving overseas? We will inform you which documents are required in your final destination, and make sure our international affiliates take care of your cargo and haul it safely to your new home.

Among our many moving services you can find:

  • Storage Services Is your new abode not quite ready yet? Do you have many items that there is absolutely no room for in your home or office? Mover Chicago will be happy to transport your goods to a state-of-the-art storage facility, designed to hold a variety of items, from books to electronic equipment.
  • Packing Supplies We care about your valuables. Whether precious china, vintage clothes or priceless pieces of art, Mover Chicago will provide you with moving boxes designed to safely contain each and every one of your items.
  • Full Service and Self Service Moving Options Do you need help with packing and loading, or do you merely require our driving services? Whatever you opt for, we will do our best to accommodate all your moving needs.
  • Commercial Moving Solutions Mover Chicago prides itself on its commercial moving services. After we thoroughly acquaint ourselves with your old and new business establishments, we assign tags and numbers to all office employees, work areas and supplies in both locations. Our marking and tagging system facilitates both the packing and the unpacking process, and allows you and your employees to resume work almost instantly.
  • …and there’s so much more!